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I am Miss Bridges, and I am the science lead here at St Peter’s. There are links to science all around us, within our everyday lives and within the future! Science encourages important skills such as problem-solving and perseverance and can lead to many interesting career paths.

What is the vision for our science curriculum?

What do our pupils say about Science at St Peter’s?

“I like when we write about what things taste like!”- Year 1 Pupil, October 2022

“I like when we go for a soil hunt!” – Year 3 Pupil, October 2022

“I like testing out different experiments” – Year 5 Pupil, October 2022

“I liked the experiment where we looked at if the tallest children always had the biggest shoe size. I thought it would be true but I was wrong!” – Year 2 Pupil, February 2023

“I liked the egg experiment. It helped us to learn about teeth. The coffee was the worst” – Year 4 Pupil, February 2023

"We like to do experiments. We scratched the rocks to see which rock was strong" - Year 3 Pupil, October 2023

"We have been outside to look at all of the trees. The leaves on an evergreen tree don't fall down. The leaves on a deciduous tree fall down" - Year 1 Pupil, October 2023

"I like making a circuit and seeing if the material is a conductor or an insulator" - Year 4 Pupil, October 2023

What does Science look like in our school?

Pupils develop their conceptual knowledge and 'Working Scientifically' skills through a progressive science curriculum. Our curriculum overview and progression documents for science can be found at the bottom of this web page.

We deliver the National Curriculum through weekly science lessons. We also provide our pupils with a wide range of experiences that enrich our science curriculum, including trips, visitors and forest school. Science related clubs are also regularly included within our extended-school provision.

Please have a look at some examples of science at St. Peter's!

Year 6 pupils investigate real fossils

Year 6 have been investigating real fossils from Staffordshire as part of their science unit. They used research and close observation to develop their own ideas about the fossils and what information they provide.

Key Stage 2 pupils use new scientific equipment to support enquiry skills, December 2023

Year 4 pupils used Working Scientifically skills to record temperatures using data loggers and thermometers, with their 'States of Matter' unit.

Year 6 pupils enjoyed using pulse meters to investigate how exercise affects our heart rate, within their 'Animals including Humans' unit.

Year 5 pupils attend Keele Science Lecture, December 2023

Five science enthusiasts in Year 5 had the opportunity to attend a live-stream recording of the Royal Society Christmas Lectures within Keele Westminster Theatre. 

Year 5 attended a science taster session at Saint Margaret Ward, December 2023

The pupils enjoyed visiting the science lab at Saint Margaret Ward to take part in a science competition. In groups, pupils used a range of materials to create a parachute to protect an egg that was then dropped from a height. 

STEM club, Autumn 2 2023

Year 3 and 4 pupils have had the chance to attend a STEM club with Mr Ratcliffe this term. Miss Bridges went to take a sneaky peek one day after school and pupils were so excited to tell her what they had been up to!  

Pupils talked about a range of STEM competitions they had taken part in, including creating a boat that would float and withstand weight added to it!

Forest school links to science, Autumn term 2023

Here are some examples of how Forest School has enriched our science curriculum during the autumn term!

Year 1 made outdoor links to learning about the five senses.

Year 2 made shelters to support their learning about animal survival.

Year 3 made links to their learning about different rocks and soil and created their own fossil imprints, which were then added to the science area in their classroom.

Year 6 attended a science taster session at Saint Margaret Ward, September 2023

Year 6 pupils enjoyed having the opportunity to learn about Key Stage 3 science and explore new scientific equipment at Saint Margaret Ward.

EYFS have been learning about seasonal changes, October 2023

The children in Nursery and Reception have been learning about seasonal changes within autumn. Nursery explored seasonal changes within the school grounds and Reception walked to the local woodland. All children also took home a special autumn collection bag and checklist to look for autumn treasures.

Year 3 Attend a British Ceramics Workshop to support their Cross Curricular Learning, September 2023

Year 3 have been learning about how their scientific knowledge of rocks and soils can be applied to the real world. They attended a British Ceramics Workshop at All Saints Church in Hanley where they discovered where clay comes from and had the chance to explore it in its natural form. They then used their Art and Design skills and created their own clay tiles with seeds in them!

St. Peter’s Science Physicist of the Year Awards, July 2023

Well done to Yumna in Year 6, who was nominated at the School Physicist of the Year Awards in recognition for her hard work and enthusiasm within science.  






St. Peter’s take part in the Great Science Share, June 2023

We have had a fantastic day taking part in the Great Science Share. Here are some examples of what we got up to in school...




Year 5 and 6 visit Hanley Musuem for an RAF Workshop, June 2023

Our Year 5 and 6 pupils have had an amazing day attending an RAF STEM workshop where they have used a range of skills to take part in STEM related challenges throughout the day.










Year 4 visit Millichope Estate to learn about living things and their habitats, June 2023

Year 4 had the opportunity to explore living things and their habitats at Millichope Estate.

Severn Trent Water Assembly and Workshops, May 2023

Severn Trent visited our pupils to teach them about the journey of water.

EYFS Observe the lifecycle of a butterfly, May 2023

The children in Nursery and Reception classes have their own caterpillars to look after over the next few weeks. This will enable them to observe, over time, the different stages within the lifecycle of a butterfly.

Science Bags, May 2023

Miss Bridges has really enjoyed receiving photographs of the children in Nursery and Reception classes using the mini beast searching equipment from the science bags at home!


Y2 Visit the Wolseley Education Centre, April 2023

Year 2 had the fantastic opportunity to visit the Wolseley Education Centre. The children had the chance to look for different habitats and explore the minibeasts that lived there!

Growing in EYFS, Summer 1 2023

The children in Nursery and Reception have been particularly busy in the garden area this term. The children in Nursery have been planting beans and their parents and carers were invited in to plant a bean that they could take and grow at home. The children have been taking good care of their plants at home and at school!

The children in Reception have also been busy learning about the lifecycle of a strawberry and have been planting strawberry plants.

The Nursery children enjoying planting different seeds and contributing to the growing area during their forest school session.


Y6 girls attend the ‘Women into Engineering’ event at the JCB Academy, April 2023

The Year 6 girls were invited to an exciting opportunity at the JCB Academy. They heard from female guest speakers who talked about their career within a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) field. They then had a range of STEM challenges to complete as a team.

Y3 and Y4 STEM Club, Summer 1 2023

This term, Year 3 and Year 4 have had the chance to attend a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) club with Miss Moore. Each week they will be faced with different challenges to try and solve using a range of skills! One of their challenges was to design and create a parachute that would successfully carry a small toy!

Reception and Y1 Understanding the World Club, Summer 1 2023

This half-term Reception and Year 1 have had the chance to attend an ‘understanding the world and science’ club with Miss Gut. Each week they will be completing a different challenge or experiment. For their first week, they explored whether different materials would float or sink and then created their own boats!


Y5 Visit Jodrell Bank, April 2023

The children in Year 5 visited Jodrell bank to support their Earth and Space unit of work in science.

Science Poster Competition, April 2023

The children could choose to take part in our British Science Week Poster Competition. We have had so many amazing posters created at home by our super scientists at St Peter’s!


We have created a new science display to celebrate our participation in British Science Week, that includes lots of fantastic posters made at home by the children. 

Y4 Collect Data using Data Loggers, March 2023

The pupils in Year 4 used data loggers to measure and record the different temperatures of liquids, during their states of matter unit. What super working scientifically skills!

British Science Week, March 2023

Pupils from Nursery to Year 6 enjoyed taking part in a drama-based science workshop for British Science Week. The theme this year was “Connections”, so each class learnt about an influential person within a science-related field and linked to their science curriculum, who had made connections which led to making a ground-breaking discovery! We hope that this fantastic day has inspired lots of our pupils to think about the connections that they can make as scientists!


Y6 visit Chester Zoo – February 2023

Year 6 pupils learnt about how different animals can be classified at Chester Zoo.

KS2 Science Book Club – January 2023

We are very lucky to have received six fantastic newly published children’s science books. We have decided to form a Year 6 book club, who will be meeting every two weeks to share their thoughts about the book that they have taken home. Once the pupils have read each book, they will then decide on their overall favourite.

RSPB Big Bird Watch – January 2023

The children in the nursery have been exploring the natural world during Forest School. They have created bird feeders to help to feed the birds during winter.

KS1 Science Club – Spring 1 2023

This term, pupils in Year 1 and 2 had the option of attending an after-school club with Miss Bridges for Science. They completed the ‘Grow a rainbow’ experiment, made rocket mice, a raft to save the Gingerbread man, created a magnet maze, shadow puppets and more!

Grow a Rainbow” experiment
Skittle Experiment
Making 'Rocket mice'
Magic flowers experiment
Making a raft for the Gingerbread man
Making a raft for the Gingerbread man

School Science Displays – October 2022

Take a look at the fantastic Science areas and displays in our school!

Year 2
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
Year 1
Year 3