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St Peter's Art Exhibition 2022

We would like to remind you that we will be hosting our St Peter's Art Exhibition in the school hall on Wednesday 8th June between 2pm and 6pm. We invite all parents, carers and parishioners to come and view our fabulous art work. All children's artwork will be available to purchase on the day, £8.50 framed.

We hope to see you all there!


Take your family to Church this Lent- Churches are safe and the doors are “wide open,” says Cardinal Vincent Nichols as we prepare to celebrate the prayerful season of Lent.

Cardinal to school pupils: Take your family to Church this Lent


UPDATED information for Coronavirus - CLICK HERE


Great news…The UK’s best family magazine is now free to all parents & guardians- Enjoy!

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Star of the Week

NURSERY – Saif Ali Sherafghan
RECEPTION - Anaya Asiedu
YEAR 1 - Aeman Ansar
YEAR 2 - Hadi Imran
YEAR 3 -
YEAR 4 - Mohammed Ali
YEAR 5 - Fatima Ahmed
YEAR 6 - Jasper Morris

St Matthew


St Mark


St Luke


St John


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