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Number 11

Number 11

During Advent 2020 we supported a local charity in our community called “Number 11”

Please read below and find out about Number 11

“We know that there are many issues facing our community and an array of services trying to address a wide variety of problems, however due to over-pressured and underfunded services, individuals are often just left with a plaster over the problem… that’s not what we’re about.

At Number 11, we’re aiming to eradicate the root cause of these issues, helping clients to reach a place of stability and self-sustainability – in addition to providing immediate crisis support, where it’s needed.  Not putting a plaster over the problem, but instead walking with clients every step of the way, investing in them, supporting their development – always working towards sustainable change.”

                                                                                           Number 11- Website

If you would like to find out more about the charity please click on the link below.


We asked families  to donate dried and tinned food as well as any PPE equipment such as soap, hand sanitizers and masks. These were then  given out to vulnerable families in our local community.

We are always blown away by your generosity here at St. Peter’s and appreciate the support you have shown especially during the troubled and uncertain times for many in our community.


The children  enjoyed a virtual meeting online with Dave Nixon who works for the charity so the children understand where their donations are going.

“Together One Family, One Community in Christ”

We have once again worked in solidarity to support and help the most vulnerable in our community.