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Compliments and Reviews

Compliments & Reviews

I am writing to thank you for allowing me to spend a week at your school. I found the experience quite informative and now I have a better understanding of what it is like working with young children and the significance of a teacher’s role in their lives.
I would especially like to thank Mrs Shaw, Mrs Thurston and Mrs Choudhury (sorry for misspelling any names), for really allowing me to take part and treating me like an actually co-worker which I found especially great as it meant I was taking on responsibilities like a real teacher would. Overall, it was a very memorable experience and I really appreciate it!

AA – Work Experience Pupil

It’s been lovely working with St Peter’s again this year… One of the Y6 girls said to me on Monday, “Thank you miss, you’ve given me lots of good memories.” The Y1’s were INCREDIBLE with their mindfulness this morning…,The Y2’s today sang beautifully. And one of the Y3 boys said after the relaxation today (where I played my drum) “That was AMAZING.” It really is such a wonderful school and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work with you all.

Gabriella (Stretch & Smile – Instructor)

Below are some of the comments from parents regarding remote learning that has taken place during isolation and closures due to COVID- 19.

Thank you for all your hard work, teaching the children and also looking after your family aswell. Teaching isn’t an easy job, I appreciate all your effort of looking after the children and parents. We parents couldn’t have taught our children at home without your support and guidance.

St Peters is an amazing and outstanding school.

Reception Parent

I would just like to say that the teachers have been absolutely brilliant , they have made the new learning experience very positive . They are always happy and very helpful . Thank you for everything you are doing.

Year 2 Parent

Just wanted to drop you a line to express our thanks to you and your staff for providing such fun and varied work for the children and all the useful resource links for us.

We think the weekly tasks were balanced, challenging and entertaining.

Thank you again for the fantastic job.

Year 1, 3, 5 Parent

I think the home learning this time around has been so much better and more helpful for myself and J. J has really enjoyed learning through teams, I think being able to see the PowerPoints and also having yourself and the other teachers available on the other side has helped us both a lot as if he doesn’t understand something we are able to look back or ask you.

Through the last lockdown i could not get J to sit down and do work, he just was not interested as he was at home. With having teams he feels like its very similar to school and being able to keep his routine, and i am able to leave the room, attend to his younger brothers and still complete housework and know that he will stay focused, listen to the lesson and complete his work.

Thank you all so much for all you are doing as teachers, I am so happy his education wont be affected.

Year 2 Parent

“These videos (daily phonics and maths) were amazing, I don’t feel like we missed out being at home. My child was happy to engage: it’s being able to video’s at any time was helpful as I’m a key worker”

Reception Parent

” The pack was full of different and fun activities”

Reception Parent

“I found these (weekly phone calls) really helpful as I could check we were doing everything correctly

Reception Parent

“A mixture of lessons where we can see the teacher and board and others where “Close up” work was carried out was a nice change so the children had the best of both. The home calls and doorstep visits was a lovely touch.

Also having a teacher who is understanding and sympathetic when homeschooling doesn’t go to plan, I was always made to feel we achieved something at home even on the less productive days. We had advice on different techniques as not every child is the same”

Reception Parent

“I personally really found it easy to access the online work and videos from the website. It was very helpful and kind of the class teacher to call and explain the work and situation. ”

Nursery Parent

” My child understands number and was really happy to do homework on the Ipad”

Nursery Parent 

“Everything was nice and simple to understand and the class teacher also called and asked if i was able to understand

and access everything OK. The remote learning is fine and I don’t think there’s anything extra needs to be done. Thank you!

Reception Parent 

“My child really enjoyed watching video, it helped him a lot, he likes doing home work.

Reception Parent 

“We are delighted to say the teachers have been absolutely remarkable. They were in constant contact with ourselves to make sure kids learning is going well. The teachers have been very supportive and made sure they were available. Teachers have made an outstanding effort by recording and uploading videos. We sow our gratitude to our teacher you are doing an amazing job”

Reception Parent