Year One

Welcome to Year One’s class page

Spring term- second half

Remember to complete homework on MyMaths:

Go to and login at the top of the page with the school’s username and password. On the next page your child should enter their personal username and password in the My Portal box. MyMaths will then remember who they are and automatically log them in to the tasks. It is very important to try and let your child do this as independently as possible.


Miss Wallace 🙂 


  • Please continue to read four-five times a week with your child at home and sign their reading diaries. Children’s reading books will be changed on a Monday or a Wednesday.
  • Homework set on Monday to be returned Friday.
  • Spelling tests: Every Wednesday.
  • PE Kits: Every Monday, children are now to arrive at school in uniform and get changed in school.
  • Please scroll down for Phonics and Maths activities.


We are now consolidating Phase 5. You can help your children by continuing to use the correct vocabulary for phonics learning at home:

Phoneme– The sound of a letter. For example /k/.

Grapheme– The way we write the phoneme (sound). For example, /k/ can be written as c k ck qu ch.

Digraphs– Two graphemes that make one phoneme (sound).

Trigraphs– Three graphemes that make one phoneme (sound). 

This week’s sounds 4.4.22:

Monday: ‘oy’

Tuesday: ‘ir’

Wednesday: ‘ue’

Thursday: ‘aw’

Friday: ‘wh’

Phonics games to play at home:

Maths online games for Summer: 

These games will help to consolidate your children’s learning for each week.

English Spring 1

This term, our class text is ‘Poles Apart’ by Jeanne Willis. We will be learning and using new Year One writing skills to complete lots of fun work based on this story. These skills are: Character and setting descriptions, labelling, using question and exclamation marks, poetry pattern and rhyme and writing an alternative ending. We can’t wait to see the fantastic work the children produce! Cosy up and listen to the story!

Maths Spring 1 –

In Maths we will be following the White Rose Scheme and we will continue this term in Year 1 by reminding ourselves of addition and subtraction, measurement and place value within 50. The children will be able to use our Maths area to consolidate this learning.

Geography Spring 1:

This half term, our focus is Geography. We are exploring the topic: ‘Hot and Cold places’. We will learn features of hot and cold places in the world. We will also learn where the equator, North Pole and South Pole are on a globe.



Science Spring 1-

Our Science unit this half term is ‘Seasons‘. We will learn the names of the four seasons and observe changes across them. We will also observe and describe weather associated with the seasons and how day length varies. Can you discuss what season we are in now? How do you know? We may have a few budding weather presenters on our hands!

Art Spring 1:

In Art this half term, we are running with our ‘Hot and Cold’ topic. We are exploring Elements of Colour. We will ask questions about, give our opinions and describe art work. We will explore Inuit art, which is also known as Eskimo art. This artwork is produced by the Inuit, that is, the people of the Arctic!


End of Y1 Expectations