The Good Samaritan Charity Group

 Below are some pictures and activities of the things that we have worked on as a group for the school and community.

This is our current Good Samaritan group at St. Peter’s

The Good Samaritans have worked really hard this last term and have led on a number of projects in and out of school. The children have led both of our charitable campaigns this Spring planning and leading collective worship for whole school as well as creating posters and raising awareness in individual classes. 

We are very proud and thankful for not only their hard work but also as always from our generous families here at St. Peter’s as we raised £167.65p for The Fr. Hudson’s Good Shepherd appeal. 

They have also worked hard on our Wear Care Share campaign and with the support of the school raised £80 for cash for kids. 

Our Good Samaritan Charity Group Members 2019-2020

The Good Samaritans this half term have decided to focus their efforts on helping the homeless in our local community this winter. The children are collecting unwanted adult warm clothing, hats, scarves and gloves. Week beginning the 10th February we will be donating these to a local homeless charity in our area. Please support us in this cause by bringing in your donations to school.

The children have designed posters and put them around school to remind the children and families about showing compassion and love to our fellow neighbours.

The Good Samaritans have also been working hard planning and leading their own collective worship. This year we are focussing on “The God Who Speaks” “The Year of the Word” Scripture will play a huge role in our teaching this year specifically St. Matthew’s Gospel.

The children decided to choose a story from St. Matthews Gospel and look at Jesus’ Baptism. The children wanted their fellow peers to choose a sentence from the Gospel and write it into a candle. The candle to remind us that Jesus is the light of the world and to listen to scripture and discuss it’s meaning and how it can help us in our every day lives.

During Advent the Good Samaritan group have been working on making Christmas Cards for the residents at Camoys Court. The children inside wrote Advent prayers and messages. The children in wool craft club also made a pom pom Christmas wreath the residents could use as a decoration in their home.

We then went to visit the residents to take them the gift and cards. The children enjoyed talking to the residents and we also all sang Christmas songs together and talked about what Christmas was like a long time ago.

Here are some of the pictures from our visit:

Well done!!