Our School Day

Our school gates open at 8:30am and children can enter classes from this time.

We encourage children to be independent and to be in school on time.  A flexible start time to the start of the school day enables the children to register themselves and fill their own water bottles.  The school is open to the children to enter the classroom between 8.30am and 8.40am.  Any child arriving after 8.40am has to enter via the main office reception door and is marked as late.

At the end of the school day children need to be collected from their outside class doors.

Start of School Day- 8.30am-8.40am

Break  Times (15 minutes)
Y1 &  Y2 10.30-10.45am – 1:45pm-2:00pm
Y3  & Y4 10.45am-11.00am
Y5 & Y6 11.00am-11.15am
Dinner (45 minutes)
Nursery 11.45am
Reception 11.45am
Year 1 12 midday
Year 2 12 midday
Year 3 12.30pm
Year 4 12.30pm
Year 5 12.45pm
Year 6 12.45pm

End of school day- 3.00pm

After School Clubs- 3.00pm-4.00/4.15pm

As a school we try very hard to live in harmony with our neighbours, please park considerately. Please do not block access to driveways and garages and do not park in local residents permit bays.