Our Computing leader is Mrs Parton.

When I became Computing leader at St. Peters’ there were big changes to our curriculum and I was excited to get started with our Switched On Computing scheme of work. I have always been interested in Computing and Technology and I love to see the amazing things that our children get involved in at school.


What our children say about Computing

‘I like the recipes [filming] because we got to eat them’ Lily- Year 1

‘I like to test the games that we use’ Shaan- Year 2

‘I like most that you can colour, play games or research fun stuff’ Muizz- Year 3

‘I like to use computers to use scratch to make stories’ Roza- Year 4

‘I like learning new stuff, I didn’t know most of what you can do. You can do tessellations, shapes, colour onto Word’ Maheen- Year 5

‘I like how the teachers make it fun and there’s so much new to learn’ Atiya- Year 6

‘I’m already experienced about Computing and I like it when people ask me for help I feel smart’ Oscar- Year 6

What our children say about staying safe online

Can you recommend ways I can stay safe online?

‘Don’t go onto anything that your mum and dad didn’t say’ Aydin- Year 1

‘If somebody sends you a message you don’t reply because they might say they are a child when they are an adult’ Shaan- Year 2

‘You can stay safe by watching out and not being tricked’ Muizz- Year 3

‘Don’t give people your ID, don’t share media (photos), when people ask to make friends check with your parents before you accept or deny’ Zwahir- Year 4

‘You can use super secret passwords- using underscores, special letters, block people you don’t know and use APPs for your age’ Maheen- Year 5

‘Don’t use your personal information’ Atiya- Year 6

Who can I speak to if I feel unsafe/unhappy online?

‘Your mum and dad and close it down’ Aydin- Year 1

‘You could tell your brother or sister. Don’t give your address’ Lewend- Year 2

  ‘Adults who are your family, and if there isn’t someone older then an older sensible child’ Muizz- Year 3

‘Tell parents or someone close to you like teachers’ Zwahir- Year 4

‘Your older brothers and sisters’ Refaela- Year 5

‘Adults, friends that you can trust and teachers’ Oscar- Year 6


The school council have created a child friendly e-safety policy. Click on the link to have a look.

Children’s eSafety Policy


Our Curriculum- Switched On Computing

At St. Peter’s we used the Switched On Computing scheme of work and we have recently upgraded to the third edition of this scheme. The units have been updated to reflect changes in technology and its uses in the world around us and to keep the topics relevant to the children. Our topics taught across Year 1- Year 6 are displayed below.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

We assess our children in each unit taught for Computing, but we also use a separate document to assess their ICT skills (i.e. Word, Publisher, Powerpoint). We teach these skills through Computing but also in other subjects across the curriculum.

Computing in Our School

Online Activities

In Class



Computing Policies

eSafety Policy

Computing Policy