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In October 2011 the school was awarded OUTSTANDING SCHOOL STATUS

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Below is a the letter from the Ofsted Lead Inspector describing their main findings from the inspection.

21 October 2011

Dear Pupils
Inspection of St Peter’s Catholic Primary School, Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 3HL
Thank you for all being so friendly and helpful with the inspection of your school. The inspectors enjoyed their two days with you and came to the judgement that your school is outstanding. These are some of the things with which we were really impressed.

  • You all behave extremely well and are helpful and friendly. You all look after each other, especially when a new pupil joins your class.
  • You all try really hard in your lessons and enjoy learning new things.
  • We agree with all of you who told us that your teachers make lessons interesting and great fun and the work they give you is just right for you.
  • You say you enjoy the activities, visits and visitors and that you like sharing these with the children from the other local school. We agree that the close work between the two schools benefits your learning.
  • Your headteacher, other staff and governors know the school very well and they are excellent at finding ways to make your school even better.
  • You told us that all the adults care for you tremendously well and this helps you to feel extremely safe and happy at school.
  • Children get a ‘flying start’ to their education in the Nursery and Reception classes; they have many activities to choose from and learn lots of new things.
  • Those of you who are learning to speak English have lots of good support and help and you told us how this helps you to understand your lessons.

By the end of Year 6 you reach average skills in reading, writing and mathematics. To help you to raise the level of these skills, we have asked your school to give you more chances to practise your mathematics in lots of different ways; to ensure you have lots of chances to read books on your own and to find ways to help you write more quickly. You can help too by continuing to try your very best in your lessons.
Thank you once again for making us so welcome, and best wishes for the future.
Yours sincerely
Denise Shields
Lead Inspector